Top 5 Gayest Cities In Europe

If you’re looking for some gay pride fun make sure you put these on your list on your next Europe trip, you will not be disappointed with all of the fun events and options you have!
1. Barcelona, Spain:
This is one of the year-round, clothing optional gayest destinations in Europe. There are constantly gay pride events being thrown, most of which is throughout every season and happens annually. There is even a particular district, Eixample, where the majority of the gay bars, restaurants, shops and other cool spots are located in.
They are known for an exotic and unique gay, and lesbian bookstore selling comics, magazines and even DVD’s of sexy men splattered all over the covers. Only a half hour away from Spain’s most celebrated gay city, Sitges, this location is prime to feel accepted and club until the sun comes up.
2. Berlin, Germany:
There is an annual gay pride holiday called Christopher Street Day that brings over half a million visitors and lasts up to two weeks celebrating gay pride and love equality. Not only do they throw gay pride festivities but includes lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people to feel welcomed and accepted in this city.
There are always gay pride parties taken place on the regular, most of the time monthly on top of the daily “ Homo Bar” options available to any gays looking to get a drink. There is a queer museum for all of the Lgbt victims in the Holocaust, showing the support and dedication this city hs towards this community, always striving for acceptance and love for all.
3. Manchester, England:
This is definitely a gay-friendly destination, especially after a queer tv show series was filmed there. The “Gay Village” has unlimited bars, clubs and gay owned businesses offering relatively cheap drinks and an infinite amount of fun. This city host various and numerous amounts of gay pride events throughout the year, as well as learning about the Machester’s gay history in their parks and historical monuments within.
4. Rome, Italy:
In current transformation, Rome hasn’t been well known to be LGBT friendly destination, but they have transformed themselves drastically the past decade. During the summer, a three-month long gay pride festival is held on the streets, and a section of a city park is transformed into a “Gay Village.” The entire city turns into one equality of love party with dance floors, bars, live music and food trucks held each night to celebrate LGBT community.
Offering multiple destinations within the city to feel welcomed and loved, all the clubs, restaurants, and shops place rainbow colored flags outside of their doors and throughout the city, reminding citizens of equal love and the importance of accepting this community.
5. Amsterdam, Netherlands:
With all of the sex, drugs, and parties how could you not think Amsterdam was a city filled with passion and acceptance for all? No judgments are being made in this city, and an annual gay pride float is held on the Amstel while hosting the European-wide EurpPride Festival. There are drag shows, sex-themed parties, sex shops and gay bars throughout the Red Light District with gay pride flags seen on every street.  It’s more than easy to meet gays in these cities 🙂