• 2021-04-05

Nordic Summer Unversity Organisation

NSU’s highest decision – making body is the Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board meets during the summer session, and decides on new study circles and evaluates the quality of ongoing circles.

The Supervisory Board also elects NSU’s Board, which is responsible for the continuous work during the year.

The Supervisory Board is elected during the summer session, and functions until the following year’s summer session.

Two representatives from each country are elected (at the district branch meeting) and three from each constituency.

NSU’s board is the executive body elected during the summer session by the supervisory board.

It elects a board member from each of the five Nordic countries. A chairman is elected from among these five members.

NSU’s activities are mainly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. This relationship is renegotiated every three years.

NSU consists of eight study circles, where the university’s scientific activities are conducted.

The circuits are adopted by the Supervisory Board on the basis of a ‘cuff’, ie. a project proposal for a three-year period.

Each circuit has two coordinators. These are project managers for the life of the project.

Twice a year, the board and coordinators from all districts gather for a longer circuit meeting, ‘joint meeting’, which is NSU’s advisory body for everything related to daily practice to a scientific profile.

NSU’s administration takes place at NSU’s secretariat, which is located at the Nordic Folk Academy in Gothenburg.

NSU’s summer session is arranged alternately between the Nordic countries. The year before the next summer session, an event committee is appointed (at the country department meeting).

The committee consists of a chairman (project manager), a finance manager and other participants (practical organizers).

During the summer session, each country department meeting elects a representative to the ‘Nomination Committee’. The committee is responsible for selecting new candidates for the following year’s board.