• 2021-04-05

Nordic Summer Unversity Organisation

NSU’s highest decision – making body is the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board meets during the summer session, and decides on new study circles and evaluates the quality of ongoing circles. The Supervisory Board also elects NSU’s Board, which is responsible for the continuous work during the year. The Supervisory Board is elected during the…

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend Nordic Summer University

Nordic Summer University (NSU) is a must-go for any PhD students or post-doctoral scholars from Nordic countries who wish to expand their minds and enhance their ideas. Every summer, the Nordic Council of Ministers organizes and conducts study circles in the social and human sciences. While there is also a winter event, the main event…

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Study Circles

1) Transformations in the welfare in the Nordic coutries In this circle we study current transformations in welfare policies and citizens’ experiences of welfare in the Nordic countries under conditions of economic globalization and financial crisis … 2. Heterologies of the Everyday This study circle aims to address what is most relevant and unavoidably present…

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