How to become the master of cougar dating (9 steps)

Dating is difficult all on its own. So, when you limit your dating pool to one specific demographic dating is like playing a video game with the difficulty level cranked up past “expert”.
Dating within a specific group of women is pretty difficult at first but you can adapt! When it comes to dating older women, younger men need to step their game up. When you decide to date outside of your age range, you have to be able to relate to an entirely different generation of women. They’re unlikely to respond to the same kind of jokes and flirting that younger women might. Additionally, they’ll have completely different expectations for their partner! So here are a few steps to mastering dating older women!
1. Do your research
If you pan on dating women of a certain age, you’re going to have to do some research! No older woman is going to want to talk about your glory days in college or memes you find on twitter.
I highly recommend reading up on food and wine. Marathon a few Bravo! shows to get an idea of what older women are watching (hint: pay close attention to the housewives of every city!). Read a book or two, and by books, I mean contemporary literature and the classics not anything “written” by a sports star.
You want to appear cultured for your age, women won’t want to date the male equivalent of young, dumb bimbo. Learn a few things so you can keep up a conversation.
2. Man up
Yes, cougars are attracted to youth… but that being said they aren’t attracted to immaturity. So, don’t think acting like a frat boy is going to fly with women of a certain age. You’re going to have to learn to act like a grown man if you haven’t figured that out yet.
This means learning to communicate, not playing love games, and being respectful of her as a woman… not as a sex object. You’re not going to get away with treating cougar hookups like the way you treat all those twenty-somethings you’ve ghosted in the past.
3. Dress well
Again, you want to embrace your youth but still come off as refined. So, learn to dress yourself. If you don’t have one, buy a blazer or two. Dress like a grown-ass man but maintain your youthful swagger so make sure you’re trendy!
4. Use your manners
Don’t be acting like some child around older women! You want them to be attracted to you, not reminded of their brat of a child.
Say please, say thank you, limit your swearing and use of the word “lit”, and for god-sakes open the door for her.
Older women want to be treated like the goddesses they’ve realized themselves to be.

5. Pretend age doesn’t exist, but be aware of it
Yes, there is an age difference. Yes, it’s probably obvious. But you don’t want to highlight it with conversation topics or body language. Pretend like age isn’t a thing, yet still understand the differences between the two of you.
6. Be everything she wants without being a total pushover
Different cougars are going to want different things from you. Some are going to want to date, some are going to want to bang, some are going to want you to be their sugar baby. Keep an eye out for what she might want and be the solution to that craving!
But don’t be a total pushover. This woman is an equal, not your mother.
7. Commit!
Do these things! Commit to being the perfect man for any given cougar! Change your age range on Tinder to include MILFs! Join a site like Seeking Arrangement! Go out there and hunt yourself a cougar!