Here’s How To Kik Girls And Get Nudes (7 easy steps!)

Tired of paying for porn or want some real-time excitement from real women? Can’t find anyone to sext? Then you need to try out Kik! If you don’t know what Kik is, it is an instant-messaging app that lets you connect with anyone around the world and chat for free. It’s quick, fun, and most of all, super sexy. There is a whole sex subculture within Kik that leads to some of the best sexting people have ever engaged in.
But, if you’re new to Kik or are fairly naive to the world of sexting, it can be a bit difficult finding girls to share nudes with, or most of all, getting a girl to send you nudes.
There’s a way around that though! To get nudes from girls and be the most effective Kik-sex user you can be, there are seven simple steps you must follow.
1. Download The App
Duh! How do you expect to use Kik if you don’t have it on your phone? Kik only comes in a mobile-friendly app version that is available for both iOS and Android. This makes it super convenient for all users because you can contact whoever, whenever, and there are no limits based on what devices each of you have.
Go to your Google Play or App Store and search for the app to download to your phone.

2. Create An Account
This should be pretty obvious — you can’t Kik girls if you don have an account!
Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do to get Kik and access its chat-messaging features is to sign up using your e-mail. From there, you can create your username and confirm your account through e-mail, and you’ll be able to start chatting right away!
3. Do Your Research
Now comes the part where you have to find girls to Kik. It’s actually a lot more simple than you may think. Even if you don’t know any girls to Kik, you can find literally hundreds of them online. Sites like KikSexting and¬†are website that connect you to real girls by sharing their usernames.
You can also check out forums and threads that are dedicated to sexting to find girls to chat with. This Google+ community thread is the jackpot for finding girls’ usernames to Kik-sext with. Everyone here that posts their usernames is up for sexting and nude-sharing, so you know you won’t waste any time on someone who isn’t!
All you have to do is search around until you rack up some usernames to send messages to.
4. Be charming

Unless they specifically state they want you to talk rough, mean, or aggressive towards them, most girls would like for you to be a gentleman. Give her compliments on how good she looks, say how much you want to see her breasts, for example, and overall just be as sweet as possible. She might feel more inclined to send you whatever nudes you want if you’re respectful rather than a prick.
5. Give Some To Get Some

Part of nude sharing and Kik-sexting culture is to exchange nude pictures back and forth. DOn’t expect to have the girl be the only one sending nudes, and if you’re not comfortable sharing nudes of yourself, then you shouldn’t be asking a girl to, either.
Be mature and share some of your own because she’ll feel better about sharing hers with you. Plus, it’ll make the conversation a lot more fun if you both have something to talk about, like your nudes.
6. Don’t Be Rude
If you think your opinion or critique of a woman’s nudes is needed — it’s not. Don’t start saying what she should or shouldn’t show, how she should take her nudes, or worse, what you don’t like about her body. Be grateful for any nude photo of a woman you receive and remember that you can’t tell her what she should do if you’re not paying her.
7. Know Her Boundaries

When she says she wants to stop, then stop. Don’t ever beg or try to negotiate for more sexting or nudes if she doesn’t want to share them anymore. Also, you should be respectful of what she wants to show versus what she doesn’t.
Sexting, like real sex, is always better with respect and consent.