These 3 gay apps are the absolute best out there

So, you’re looking for love? Something a little more serious than a Grindr hook up?
Dating within the gay community has always been hard. Most sites and apps are made with heterosexual couples in mind. There hasn’t been a lot of love for gay and queer couples up until recently. And even so, a lot of the sites are geared toward male/male hook ups and there are hardly any sites specifically for queer women.
So, I made a list of the best dating sites for queer dating. Now, you’ll have to take this with a grain of salt – especially since Tinder didn’t make the short list. And – spoiler – neither did Grindr.
Read on to discover the best gay apps which keep queer couples in mind:
This app is for app you ladies out there! Cue dance hall horn.
For real though, now there is finally a location-based app that is specifically for queer women. Yes, just for women. On this app you’re not going to find creepy guys who’ve checked the woman-seeking-women box in hopes of living out his lesbian threesome fantasy. We all know that this never works for this kind of guy, but it sure doesn’t stop them for trying.
The best part about HER is how inclusive it is. This site isn’t just for our cis-ters, if you know what I mean. This site does not assume you’re a cis woman, it allows users on the site who identify as genderfluid, non-binary, queer, and the list goes on.
HER is a free app, however they have their premium perks which start at $9.99 a month. And like Tinder the app links to your Facebook account, so you can be more confident that you’re not getting a total catfish (though you should always do your internet snooping).
Ok, so I know that this site isn’t exactly for gay people by gay people. But OkCupid was one of the first dating services to make their app significantly more inclusive.
While you’re not going to find a lot of sites that cater specifically to Trans and gender non-conforming people, this site offers you the choice between 22 different and 13 different sexual orientations. Impressive for a mainstream dating site, am I right?
OkCupid’s bio section goes far beyond the word limit that’s offered by HER and Tinder, so you can be sure to find some interesting stuff in those bios… just don’t get carried away with all that space, or else you’ll end up looking like THAT weirdo.
Nope, this isn’t Grindr. Or Scruff. Or Hornet.
This app is not here to be used to find a hookup. This is for when you, as a gay man, actually want a serious relationship.
Chappy – which is a pretty dapper name – wants to be a safer space for gay dating, it wants to be a space without headless torsos, unwanted dick pics, and a place where saying something like no-fems or no-Asians is NOT common place. They want to bring some class to gay dating.
While it’s not as big as Grindr, you at least wont be bombarded by people looking for some NSA action.